It is to be noted that a web-based application is one such application that generally uses a website as the, inter surface or front end. What it does is, it enables the users to get an easy access to the application from any of the computer which is being connected to the internet through the use of the standardized browser.

This will contrast with the traditional desktop applications which are being installed on the localized computer. As for example maximum of us are very much familiar with Microsoft Word, or a common word processing application that is commonly being defined in technological term as a desktop application.

On the other hand Google Docs is also a word processing application, but the users perform all the functionality using a web browser instead of usage of Software that is being installed on the mobile. It means it is nothing but a web based application.

Google apps are mostly and commonly the most well known among the web based app. We have taken up the onus of developing online project management tool that is being incorporated into the Google ecosystem.

It is not necessarily correct that almost any of the desktop software can be developed as one of the web based application.

There are obviously few business advantages to this particular approach, which are as follows:

It is one of the cost effective measures- With the web based applications the users, access the system through a uniform environment web browser. Whilst the use surface interaction with the particular application needs to be thoroughly tested on different web browsers. The application itself needs only to be developed for a single based operating system. It is sure to make development along with trouble shooting much easy. It uses a flash font which makes testing and troubleshooting much more easily.

It can be accessed anytime and anywhere- Unlike the traditional applications along with the web systems are being accessible anytime and anywhere through the help of a PC with an internet connection. It really puts the user firmly in charge of where and while the access the application.

What more is, it really opens up exciting along with modernized possibilities such as global teams along with home working and through real time collaboration. You would be pleased to know that this particular idea of sitting in front of a single computer and working in a fixed location is something of the past through a web based application.

It can be easily customized- The particular user interface web based application is very much easier to customize than is the case with the desktop applications. It really makes it easier to update the look and it will feel for the application or customize the presentation of information to varied user group.

Easier installation and maintenance- It is to be noted that web based application along with installation and maintenance becomes complicated process than that of other process.

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